Why I started Smart Style Tips

I’m a 24 year-old recent grad, trying to make my way in the retail industry.  I enjoy shopping (of course!), reading, and anything crafty/DIY.

At the beginning of every month, my life feels like a Destiny’s Child song.  Bills, bills,  bills. However,  I have subscribed myself to several fashion magazines to help soften the blow of writing those checks each month.  It has been over the past few months I have noticed a disturbing trend in the magazines that leaves me more pissed off then content with said magazines.  Why are magazines claiming to show “style on a budget” when I can’t afford a damn thing on the page?  What kind of “budget” are they working on, exactly?  Especially in today’s economy, where so many people have gone into debt by living beyond their means, is this really appropriate?

And that is where I come in.  My goal is to give you style advice that is affordable.  I’m a young professional with an entry level salary–and I know that everyone can find affordable pieces, that are of a decent quality, without breaking the bank!  The idea here is to not find the cheapest items out there–but to be smart about the pieces you buy and how to make your wardrobe, and your dollars, go further.

Here’s to shopping, looking cute, and not overdrafting our bank accounts.

Here’s to Smart Style!


PS–I’d love your comments and ideas for future posts below! Keep ’em coming!

2 Responses to “Why I started Smart Style Tips”

  1. Love it!! And I thought of a great site for a future topic – shopcora.com! My friend Cassie created it for the same reasons you are blogging – fashion on a budget!

  2. How about shopping for the short girl? I’m short. I have to take everything into the tailor. I just took a dress that I bought in, they have to adjust the straps 2″.

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