Black Friday Shopping

Hello Fashionistas!

I want to tell you a little bit about my favorite holiday–BLACK FRIDAY! It’s called “Black Friday” because it is typically the day the retailers move from the red into the black with their profits.  What does this mean for us? SALES SALES AND MORE SALES!

If it’s your first time, be sure you are prepared.  The black friday shoppers are crazy!  Make sure you have a game plan going in, and I guarantee you it is much more enjoyable with a friend or family member.  Here are some tips:

1.  Make a list of items you want to get on Black Friday.

2. On Thanksgiving, get the paper.  It’s full of all the ads.  Also, check out black friday websites, such as, who already has a lot of the ads posted.

3.  Look through the ads for things on your list at the best deals.  Write down the stores you want to go to, what time they open, and what part of town they are in.  Group together stores that are close to each other.

4.  If the item you want most is on a ridiculous deal somewhere, make that the store you goto first.  Then, list the stores you want to goto in order based on proximity to each other and how many things you want to get from each store.

5. Get gifts for people, but get stuff for yourself, too!!

If you are looking for clothes, I’ve scouted out a few deals thanks to

1. Mossimo Ultrasoft Sweaters for $8.99.  I scoped these out at the store to see if they are worth the deal, and they ARE!  If you are looking for sweaters, I’d definitely check these out.

2. Entire stock of jeans at Old Navy for $15.

3. Kohl’s will have Apt 9 Cashmere sweaters for just $34.99.


There will be plenty of other great deals, so have fun and take advantage of them. Post in the comments if you plan on going shopping that day, and if so, what do you plan on buying?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

~ by Jess from JessRunsATL on November 21, 2009.

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