Smart Style Tip: Denim in the Office

Lucky for us, it is now acceptable to wear denim to the office, if not every day, then usually at least Fridays.  However, it is important to dress appropriately, even if denim is deemed “okay” in your office.  There are a few general rules to follow that applies to both men and women:

1.  Stick with dark denim–it’s dressier.

2.  The cut is important.  A well fitting pair of jeans is key—bagginess or jeans that are skin tight do not look professional.

3. Keep the look simple, don’t do distressed or embellished denim.

4.  Wear with a dressier top (no tanks or tees unless under a blazer) and dressy casual shoes (no athletic shoes).

I’ve matched up a couple of outfits below.  The most important thing is to look professional, but still be comfortable!  Most of your tops you wear to the office during the week can easily be transitioned into your casual Friday look.

Are you allowed to wear denim to the office? If so, how do you usually wear it?  Leave a comment and let me know!

denim to the office

For women:

1.  A cute knit top with some interesting details.  City Stretch Ruffle Top, $29.95, New York and Company.

2.  Trouser cut, dark wash jeans.  Flirt Trouser Jeans in Rinse, $34.50, Old Navy.

3.  Cute heels. Mossimo Vonnie Pumps in Caramel, $29.95 (and BOGO!), Target.

For Men:

3. Casual button down shirt.  Twill Button-Pocket Shirt, $20, Old Navy.

4.  Dark Rinse, Boot Cut Jeans. Unionbay Boulder Slim Bootcut Jeans, $29.99, Khol’s.

5. Casual and comfortable slip-on shoes.  RSVP Kirk in Black, $38.81,

~ by Jess from JessRunsATL on September 9, 2009.

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