Leopard-print flats

Something I have been obsessed with this season is flats. It’s hard not to notice them, over the past year they seem to have exploded everywhere. My choice to update my work wardrobe this fall is a leopard print flat. Leopard is great because it adds some personality to your outfit, but when done in an accessory, it keeps it from going overboard. And, leopard is a great versatile print—goes great with black, brown, navy, red, purple, etc.

Here are some picks from across the web. I started with a “splurge” and found a “steal”.


1. Charles by Charles David, $60 at Piperlime.com

I love the bow detail on this pair, it’s not too “cutesy”.

2.  Dollhouse, $39.50

Loving the studded details.

3. American Eagle, $34.50

I love how simple these are, and it says they have a plush lining so I bet they’d be super comfortable.

4. Payless, $16.99

These are simple and inexpensive. BOGO for now, so get them in another color, too!

Which will you be picking up this year?  Let me know your thoughts on leopard print accessories!

Happy Friday!


~ by Jess from JessRunsATL on August 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Leopard-print flats”

  1. I need new shoes, these are cute, not sure if they are “me” though.

  2. I like the payless ones the best, haha! I’m not sure if I can pull off the leopard print, though.

  3. Don’t forget Target! They almost always have some animal print flats that are pretty comparable to the Payless ones.
    I think my favorite are the studded Dollhouse though. The studs have a nice edge but don’t overpower with all that leopard print.

    • Thanks for the tip Kallie! I actually checked out the ones at Target (they were on sale for $10)….but they were VERY poorly made. I’d doubt they’d last a whole season. I was pretty disappointed because I can usually count on Target for shoes. I’m going to be posting soon on the difference between cheap and inexpensive for this reason! Glad you are enjoying the blog, thanks for the fanmail 🙂

  4. […] a week ago, I posted about these flats from Payless.  I wore them for the first time yesterday and have to say, they are pretty […]

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