Clearance Chaos

Currently it is 94 degrees and incredibly humid where I live.  Yet, thanks to the push of the retail industry, most women in this country are probably looking to shop for fall already.  Between the magazines and the fresh new deliveries of fall product in the stores, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement.  However, with some careful shopping, you can stock up for fall–but off the summer clearance.  This is a great trick I look to at the end of each season to update my wardrobe.  And what’s even better–you can wear these pieces now, and then with some careful styling, you can continue to wear them into the fall.

Here are some great examples I found just by surfing the web tonight:

From Target:

Button Front Dress–$10.98

Blue Button Front Eyelet Dress

I love this for several reasons:

1) It’s easily dressed up or down, office-appropriate yet also great for a Saturday afternoon.

2) It’s only $11!!

3) Bright colored trench coats, especially in indigos and purples, are everywhere for fall and this is very reminiscent of those coats.

4) The shape of this dress is flattering for just about every body shape, and the belting helps define your waist.

Now–here is how to transition it into fall: just add layers!

In your closet, you should have various long sleeved tees/turtlenecks ideal for layering, and tights.  These usually inexpensive pieces can really help you wear your favorite pieces year round.

I’d try:

A simple crew neck, long sleeved top, in black or another neutral color.

You can get this grey tee from Old Navy for $10 if you don’t already have one.  They have other colors, too.

Then, pair it with some tights and boots or pumps (which again, you hopefully have).


The tights are from, 2 for $20 (my favorite tights), and the boots, Charlotte Russe, $34.99

And here you go!  You just got a dress you can wear for the rest of summer,    then start transitioning it into your fall wardrobe.

Here are some other great clearance buys that you can transition as well:

studded tank

Studded Tank Top

$14.99, Macy’s.  Pair it with a cardigan or blazer to bring it into fall.

Tunic top

Layering Drape-Neck Tunic

$14.99, Newport News.

Layer with a short sleeve tee for summer, long sleeve for fall.

Tiered Cami

Tiered Floral Cami

$5.24, Target

Layer with a long sleeve tee underneath (or even a short sleeve one!)

Or, add a blazer or cardigan over top.

Remember, when shopping clearance, keep in mind the following:

– It’s not a good deal if you will never wear it.  If it doesn’t fit right, or if you have a hard time figuring out what you would pair it with, don’t buy it!

– Make sure the colors will transition well from summer to fall, and that you have pieces in your wardrobe to help you do so.

– Check the return policy.  If the item is a final sale, be 100% sure you want it before you buy!

Hope this helps! Happy shopping, and let me know what great deals you find out there as summer winds down!


~ by Jess from JessRunsATL on August 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Clearance Chaos”

  1. You’re so right about tanks and camis for fall, I get a ton of use that time of year layering with cardigans and shrugs etc.

  2. Great post Jess. I didn’t know they even made that dress. Great price too! I will have to go in and try it on to see how it looks on me. 🙂

  3. I love the floral cami.

  4. So, I am loving your blog girl. And holy crap, that pic you layered up was awesome to show what you could do with that dress! I loved it…I wish I wore dresses cuz it looked like a super cute outfit! I am inspired…I feel like I should start up my own (other) blog on here! 🙂

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